Introducing Voyage of Voices


Many artists, illustrators and designers have their own ‘style’ when it comes to their creative work. Just as we recognise the sound of a person’s voice, we can also recognise their “visual voice” through the types of marks they make on the page, the colours they use and the subjects they portray. “Voyage of Voices” will look at the vast range of these visual styles.

Join me as I travel through the creative world, discovering all types of visual “voices”. From cartoons to cubism and pencils to paint, we’ll explore all sorts of territory. The tour will include examples of various artists’ “voices”  as well as my best attempt to create a piece for each in a similar style.

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First stop is at ‘Stippling’, a method of creating shading using tiny dots. Australian author and illustrator Frank Moffatt demonstrates this technique in his book Stuffed Parrots. I found this in a second hand book store recently. Here’s one of the intricate illustrations, showing the detail top left.

Stuffed Parrots, Frank Moffatt

“Stuffed Parrots”, Frank Moffatt, Pegasus Books 1979

Other books by Moffatt include Dogs Do! Dogs Don’t (2005), Grandma Ollie (1995) and the Farmer Beans series. See more of Moffatt’s work on his website.

Below is my attempt at stippling. I used a fine point pen and worked from a photo.
This is also my week 9 entry for “A Piece A Week 2013“.


My First Mandala

So, what is a mandala? It is a Sanskrit word (the ancient Indic language of India), meaning “circle”, according to Basically it is a circular image filled with pattern and colour. Mandalas may also have a spiritual meaning and are associated with meditation.

Cindy Belseth is the Canadian artist behind White Violet Art. Her beautiful and dynamic work will amaze you. These are some examples of mandalas that have inspired me. You can see more of Cindy’s creative process on her blog.


“Brad’s Mandala”, 2ft x 2ft x 2in, Mixed Media on Wood


2ft x4ft Mixed Media on Canvas ©WhiteVioletArt

The intricate detail of the mandala is what first caught my attention. After seeing some examples I thought I would give it a go. Here’s what happened…


Mandala attempt 1, pen outline


Mandala attempt 1, coloured with pencil

This is my ‘A Piece A Week‘ entry for week 8. It’s a bit wonky! I’ll have to get the compass out next time. Tell me about your experiences if you’ve you created a mandala.


2 pieces and a new course

Here’s the  pieces I did for week 2 and 3 in A Piece A Week. Stop by the blog and you can see a great variety of inspiring work from other artists.


Week 2 – quick sketch of my dog sleeping

I couldn’t move from the spot I was in without waking up the dog,
so I grabbed a scrap bit of card and sketched as quick as I could.
It worked well since the camera wasn’t nearby!


Week 3 – coloured pencil and felt tip pens


I’ve also been doing Carla Sonheim’s e-course ‘Draw!’. It’s been alot of fun so far.

I’ll post some of my work soon!


A Piece A Week 1

I will attempt to create and post a piece every week this year as part of ‘A Piece A Week 2013’. Thanks Rita Juse-Cirkse for organising this challenge! Make sure you check out Rita’s work and all the other pieces that have been posted for week one. Here’s my contribution…


As I created this I was thinking about the wonder and curiousity that a child has. I tried to capture the the look of intrigue or amazement they might have when experiencing something new. I think the eyes are too big but that’s ok.

Sketchbook Sneak Peek

I signed up for my very first Sketchbook Project 2013. The sketchbook arrived in the post early November and I made sure I got stuck into it straight away. I chose the theme ‘Memoirs’, which lead me to straight to my childhood. I discovered that many of my memories were based around nature – a tree I played under, swimming in the sea and a cat we had. For me, the sketchbook project has been a great way to get back into drawing. The deadline meant that I had to do it, no excuses! I’m proud to say that I have almost finished it and will send it off to America soon.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

Adriana's sketchbook page1

Adriana's sketchbook page2

Adriana's sketchbook page3