Precise Paper Cut Art


Paper cut art consists of crisp lines and defined forms. The process of carving away sections of the paper give it a sculptural quality. A flat surface is brought to life with depth and shadows.

The most impressive part of the paper cut is the skill and patience required for its creation. It occurred to me that you could create a very similar effect digitally with a vector based image. Surely this would be easier? After doing some cutting, I discovered the joy of taking a simple piece of paper and turning it into a delicate, intricate shape. There’s something special about holding the fragile structure in your hands.

I couldn’t choose just one paper cut artist, so here is a selection.


‘When The Clouds Clear’ Rural Pearl

The talented artist behind Rural Pearl is Angie Pickman. See more at the Rural Pearl etsy store.


Hina Aoyama

Hina Aoyama’s incredibly fine paper cut work will amaze you. Her website is a must see!

'Beginning Always' 2010 paper, foamcore and glue, 36x24cm

‘Beginning Always’ 2010 Emma van Leest

Emma van Leest uses layers to create her beautiful work.


Here’s my attempt! I drew the image on the reverse and cut out from there. I had to really plan the image in order to make it work. For example, I couldn’t just cut out a square for the shape of the house or there wouldn’t be any paper left to create the door and windows. Careful planning, a sharp knife and a load of patience are essential for a successful paper cut piece.

Want more inspiration? Check out these links:
Design Sponge article
Strictly Paper
Discover Paper

See you at the next stop on the Voyage of Voices.



2 thoughts on “Precise Paper Cut Art

  1. Thanks for introducing me to these talented artists, their work is beautiful. Well done on your papercutting too, i’ve never tried it myself but now i’m feeling more inspired, i’m going to go and check out those links…:)

  2. This paper-cut work is so beautiful. Such precise work. Your paper-cut looks so nice! At first I thought your work was work from one of the other artists you mentioned. But it’s yours :-). You’re good at it!

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