Sketchbook Sneak Peek

I signed up for my very first Sketchbook Project 2013. The sketchbook arrived in the post early November and I made sure I got stuck into it straight away. I chose the theme ‘Memoirs’, which lead me to straight to my childhood. I discovered that many of my memories were based around nature – a tree I played under, swimming in the sea and a cat we had. For me, the sketchbook project has been a great way to get back into drawing. The deadline meant that I had to do it, no excuses! I’m proud to say that I have almost finished it and will send it off to America soon.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

Adriana's sketchbook page1

Adriana's sketchbook page2

Adriana's sketchbook page3


3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Sneak Peek

  1. OH this brought back glorious memories for me! I used to play under a willow tree, and also had a “secret” place under a wisteria in the corner of our fenced in yard that I called “kitty kat corner”. I was just thinking about that yesterday and here you are drawing a secret world like that. Thank you!

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